Vynil Factory portrait of Stowns Throw Studios is what we need here in NJ

The Vynil Factory (the most aspirational creative music collective, media house, label, venue, n' archive on the planet), they made - Our synths weigh a ton: Inside Stones Throw Studios Super inspiring film it is a great impression of what makes the new Stones Throw studio work; summed up story is exactly what Peanut butter wolf says “Since we had the studio we have noticed a lot of the artist on Stowns Throw are collaborating and getting to know one another, to me that's a healthy environment, it creates more interesting music” and that's what its all about. Basicly reaffirming what I been trying to get more folks to go in on a crappy brick n mortor n put some elbow grease in; Get out of the bedroom or clean it up and invite folks over! We need to find our Jake Viator or all become more sonically tech savvy and commited to a central gathering point.

We need this so bad. So we can have a haven to keep our projects rolling, collections of gear and controllers safe but getting used, plan IRL adventures, make & ship albums or merch, have workshops with each other, trade skills, and be a collective inspired by what VF and Stonesthrow are causally sharing and motivating everyone to do. We dabbled with a central location at Iron Works in the city of Orange, NJ in ESSEX county way back in 2015 and made time to play and hang with each other; I miss that. I’m working to bring it back if you are.


To keep yourself inspired I highly suggest the VF Film series & youtube channel and will share more as we get on top of writing more stuff, subscribe if you frequent the tube. This video is just one of many insightful and beautiful "Films" not videos on the site.