Free Game vol1 : TUNE CORE

Why you stay’n in the amateur league? A little extra elbow grease, a little extra paper pushing separates the pros and the cons.

Attention All Artists, TuneCore Returns With Some Knowledge <——— Link to cash in.
This article basically goes over the work you either are hoping your manager is doing or you can do it yourself, or ask us.

Before you get to excited to drop that new EP you should have all the assets and paper works lined up before you drop anything.

Do you use even use Sonicbids? Do you have an updated EPK for yourself and your most recent project to submit to press, booking agents or festivals? Let us know if you need help we do consult (outside of our residents, heck even some of our residents don’t call us or cross these off the to do list). We can help you look and sound as good as you want too, we are just a few clicks away.