CTB on the DL


“The slash, solidus or stroke is a slanting line punctuation mark, which was once used to mark periods and commas. Today, the slash is now most often used to represent exclusive or inclusive or, division and fractions, and as a date separator. 

Just about every song on this album is exclusive/inclusive to the next. The relationships between the songs (be it chronologically, from the mood they were created in, etc) can be heard by the instruments used, the chords, or the time signatures. 

Conversely, they can all be divided and stripped down to the most basic parts, and still all fit in together. This is something I've always found fascinating about music (and art in general). Some people create specific microcosms, others create multiple pieces that fit into one big picture. 

I hope you enjoy this most recent project and thank you for listening!”

- Camilo Theo BRUNE

released August 28, 2018