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“The slash, solidus or stroke is a slanting line punctuation mark, which was once used to mark periods and commas. Today, the slash is now most often used to represent exclusive or inclusive or, division and fractions, and as a date separator. 

Just about every song on this album is exclusive/inclusive to the next. The relationships between the songs (be it chronologically, from the mood they were created in, etc) can be heard by the instruments used, the chords, or the time signatures. 

Conversely, they can all be divided and stripped down to the most basic parts, and still all fit in together. This is something I've always found fascinating about music (and art in general). Some people create specific microcosms, others create multiple pieces that fit into one big picture. 

I hope you enjoy this most recent project and thank you for listening!”

- Camilo Theo BRUNE

released August 28, 2018



The follow up to the test last august a solid mix of old and new heads!

The follow up to the test last august a solid mix of old and new heads!

FREQSHOW vs Deluge

SHORT NOTICE!!!! This coming Labor-day Monday SEPTEBER 3rd bring the fam to the Hive in Jersey City well be showing off your soon to be favorite new sampler the Deluge. Meet Ian Jorgensen from the Sythnstrom Audible & A LOW HUM Records preforming a live set on said deluge and sharing some new features in a workshop/demo. This is such an honor, the Freqshow jokingly put out a tweet asking them to stop in NJ and they offered. We followed up and don’t want to disappoint lets give these Kiwi’s a proper NJ welcome. They are making another stop in Brooklyn on the 5th & upstate on the 7th at Neemfest if you miss our session! I’m sure by now your asking What is this thing?

If you just watched the clip your probably still in awe, The Deluge is a insane all in one portable self contained multi tracking sampler, synth, and sequencer that is exspanding, an is really about to change the game for everyone in the hardware sampler/synth game. A lot of wild tools are popping up everywhere we have our eyes on a lot of new ones and this is the cherry on top. Such a double edged sword sharing amazing tools, tips and techniques. When things are too cool to share, it enevitable that everyone will catch on. So we wanted to give you the insiders look at this monster of a instrument.

So don’t miss out this Monday, well be hanging out cooking up some new stuff BBQ for Labor Day (BYOBBQ) & a live beat set on the Born Wealthy’s personal Deluge (aka KRAK/KRILLZ) and Ian too, some new inspiration for dance moves from Mello Mel, and a noisey visual light bath set by Fatblood along with a Demo of the Critter&Guitari ETC video Synth all evening. Come twist some knobs, n squarpsuh with us! Well sit around and tinker with some new toys & the Deluge till we get kicked out of the Hive!

Classic Material: Juvenile - 400 Degreez

This week's throwback Thursday (I know it’s Friday) album; first time we heard it way back on BET uncut - for your listening pleasure some of our favorites from the way back, In 1998 it was ahead of its time, the album released on Cash Money / Universal Records. Selling over 5 million copies, it remains one of the top selling projects on Cash Money. Still inspiring new generations of fans (shout out to yunglenox a 7-year-old drawing this classic, working harder than you)

The album still holds up with a recent review on Pitchfork as well, scoring a 9.4 even to today's standard - embed  below is the whole album.

Timbaland’s Thomas Crown Studio for sale

Ever wonder what the big boys sound playground look like? Timbaland’s Virgina Beach Studio Hits the Market for a cool $670K!!! Any one got a nest egg sitting around? Here is the relators 6,756-square-feet fly tour of the space. 

State of the art recording studio and post production facility in Virginia Beach! This turn-key property features three recording studios, a sound room, two bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a commercial kitchen.

Found on a great sound site prosoundnetwork for professinal engering tips for building insane setups.

Vynil Factory portrait of Stowns Throw Studios is what we need here in NJ

The Vynil Factory (the most aspirational creative music collective, media house, label, venue, n' archive on the planet), they made - Our synths weigh a ton: Inside Stones Throw Studios Super inspiring film it is a great impression of what makes the new Stones Throw studio work; summed up story is exactly what Peanut butter wolf says “Since we had the studio we have noticed a lot of the artist on Stowns Throw are collaborating and getting to know one another, to me that's a healthy environment, it creates more interesting music” and that's what its all about. Basicly reaffirming what I been trying to get more folks to go in on a crappy brick n mortor n put some elbow grease in; Get out of the bedroom or clean it up and invite folks over! We need to find our Jake Viator or all become more sonically tech savvy and commited to a central gathering point.

We need this so bad. So we can have a haven to keep our projects rolling, collections of gear and controllers safe but getting used, plan IRL adventures, make & ship albums or merch, have workshops with each other, trade skills, and be a collective inspired by what VF and Stonesthrow are causally sharing and motivating everyone to do. We dabbled with a central location at Iron Works in the city of Orange, NJ in ESSEX county way back in 2015 and made time to play and hang with each other; I miss that. I’m working to bring it back if you are.


To keep yourself inspired I highly suggest the VF Film series & youtube channel and will share more as we get on top of writing more stuff, subscribe if you frequent the tube. This video is just one of many insightful and beautiful "Films" not videos on the site. 

Free Game vol1 : TUNE CORE

Why you stay’n in the amateur league? A little extra elbow grease, a little extra paper pushing separates the pros and the cons.

Attention All Artists, TuneCore Returns With Some Knowledge <——— Link to cash in.
This article basically goes over the work you either are hoping your manager is doing or you can do it yourself, or ask us.

Before you get to excited to drop that new EP you should have all the assets and paper works lined up before you drop anything.

Do you use even use Sonicbids? Do you have an updated EPK for yourself and your most recent project to submit to press, booking agents or festivals? Let us know if you need help we do consult (outside of our residents, heck even some of our residents don’t call us or cross these off the to do list). We can help you look and sound as good as you want too, we are just a few clicks away.